Q&A: Holland America Line Transpacific Cruise September

Frage von Stuck: Holland America Line Transpacific Cruise September
Hello, I am planning my transpacific cruise by Holland America Line in this September. My ship (Amsterdam) goes to Japan from Seattle, WA passing by Alaska and Russia. Has anyone experienced transpacific cruise in similar route? If so, could you please tell me how it was like? Was it safe cruising the pacific? How was the weather in September around there in the past? Thanks!

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Answer by Tivogal
i would go to a site like
cruise critic.com
to get some ideas from those who have gone on this cruise before.


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One comment on “Q&A: Holland America Line Transpacific Cruise September

  1. bobspizza says:

    Cruising the Pacific is perfectly safe. Every year Holland makes this voyage without incident, not to mention the countless cruises that go from California to Hawaii every day a bit further south than you will be traveling. You will notice ship movement more than you would say, on a Caribbean cruise, where the water is somewhat protected by land but most find that subtle motion somewhat enjoyable. Weather issues are minimized by the captain steering away from upcoming storms, similar to what an airliner would do in a similar situation. Some days will be rougher than others and some days the Pacific will be flat and still.

    I 100% agree with another poster. cruisecritic.com is a great resource. I’m posting a link to other passengers discussing your voyage. Folks in there will talk about the weather excursions, etc. You may need to sign up to read it.


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